How to make Hair Straight Without Using Any Hair Straightener – StepbyStep

When you think of hair straightening, it usually involves the use of a heat source.  Typically, you taking flat iron which, if you frequently use, can be very damaging to your hair and ruin its beauty. Blow dry in the salon is nothing less harmful. Hot air brush, which is usually made from plastic and artificial hair, have almost the same effect as the flat iron. So it is best to try alternative methods of hair straightening, the methods that do not include a strong heat source.  Check out some of the safest and try them today!

“Cold” dry hair: Wash your hair as usual. Use a shampoo for straight hair and put little more balsam. Then gently rub your hair with a towel, wrap your hair in a towel and let the towel absorbs moisture. Turn the hairdryer on the coldest air and start to dry hair section by section.  Note: Use this method only in summer! 


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