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13 Precious Tips for Beautiful and Radiant Skin

Although the market there are hundreds of tonics, miracle creams and similar preparations for which their creators claim that if we use them, it will turn us into a real beauty. However, if you do not take proper care of your skin, nothing will help.
It is well known that no cream is unable to repair damage resulting from certain experimentation on the skin or prolonged neglect. If you are persistent and determined, and the results will not fail! We recalled the thirteen rules that guaranteed to assist and not require a construction lot of money spent.

1. Healthy food: What you put in your mouth and swallow can be seen on the skin. If you eat only fast food, fatty foods, sweets and other garbage, it will reflect on your skin. So, chips, hamburger, and fries were OUT a fruit, soup, and salad is IN

2. Water: To keep skin hydrated enough, you need to drink six to eight glasses of water each day. In order to properly absorb the liquid, it must be consumed in small amounts throughout the day, and never take the whole amount at once or twice.

3. Sleep: Every night get some sleep at least seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep will show as dark circles and circles around the eyes. Sufficient rest will not only benefit the shiny skin, but also the health of the brain.

4. Sun: The sun damages the skin, but even more damaging solarium, so avoid them as well. Damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun are permanent and can not be removed.

5. Fresh air: You spend a lot of time in the fresh air but avoid longer retention in the wind and severe cold that your skin does not get damaged.


6. Regular piling: Twice a week exfoliate to remove dead skin and old skin cells and open the pores.


7. A cream that suits your skin: Apply regularly. It is best to choose a day care cream that suits you best and holding routine application.

8. Do not forget toner: After morning cleansing and before applying the cream, it is advisable to clean the face with toner. It can help your skin restore pH balance and to minimize pores.

9. Shorten showers: There’s nothing that feels like going under a warm shower, but try to shorten the time you spend under warm running water, as well as lowering the water temperature. Shower with hot water will take your skin’s natural oils, without which the skin will be dry.

10. BB Cream: BB creams have proven to be an extremely large number of solutions for skin problems. Great for the transition from cold to hot days and be sure to use one that moisturizes the skin and have an anti-new age effect.

11. Daily exercise: If you can’t find the motivation to start to be active, know that exercise will have great effects on your skin. This doesn’t mean that you must immediately spend hours in the gym, it’s sufficient that every day you go to a ten-minute walk, avoid the elevator and take the stairs and the like. Exercise will stimulate circulation in your face to provide a natural glow, you can not achieve any beauty product.

12. Don’t decent blackheads: Squeezing acne risk to create an even worse situation. The result will be inflammation, scarring, and more acne. If you still do that, disinfect the area with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide ( use product that contains it )


13. Powder: Glow looks great, but grease doesn’t! With the mercury rising, you’re bound to sweat. If you have oily skin then you might be prone to more breakouts. Keep a translucent pressed powder compact on hand, and blot your skin frequently with a powder puff or tissue tipped in powder to absorb extra sweat and oil. You’ll look fresh and it’ll help keep breakouts under control


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