Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Options Women Want in 2016

Opinions about cosmetic surgery are divided. Some women are strictly against operations. Still, a large population of women is addicted to cosmetic modifications in this way. We have prepared a list of top 10 most popular cosmetic surgery options in 2016.

1. Breast Augmentation

This is one of the most popular surgeries that women want. It looks like the desire for larger breasts will not change. Especially taking into consideration that the implants are improving constantly.

2. Breast Lifts

Another popular procedure is related to the breasts. It is particularly popular among women older generation because the breasts tend to lose firmness, shape, and elevated position with age.



3. Botox

The popularity of botox procedure is large because of its temporary solution and it is the minimally-invasive procedure.


4. Buttock Implants

In the last two years, this procedure has seen the greatest expansion. After breast surgery, buttock implants are the most popular.


5. Rhinoplasty

Trends indicate that the demand for nose reshaping is strong, but not increasing, much like breast augmentation.

6. Buttock Lifts

Similar to the buttock augmentation and implants, this procedure has rapidly undergone popularity.

7. Eyelid Surgery

It’s known that creased eyelid is very popular and attractive, especially suitable for makeup. It’s not surprising that this surgery is in the top 10 list.


8. Tummy Tucks

It is not hard to guess why this is one of the most popular procedures. Women, especially after childbirth, have a problem with excess skin in the abdomen region.


9. Soft Tissue Filler

Women use these injections to smooth wrinkles, fill in cheeks and even improve the appearance of scars. Common materials include collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite.


10. Laser Hair Removal

The removing hair alone can be very hard and painful. Laser removal is effective, painless and it’s enough 4-6 treatments for complete removal.


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