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9 Makeup tips for Dry Skin

The skin on the face is one of the most important parts of the body. However, when facial skin becomes dry, there may be a feeling of roughness and tension, and even the redness, scaling, and itching. There are several causes of dry skin, and their understanding will help in discovering appropriate solutions.

Makeup can sometimes be a real challenge if you have dry skin. Women with dry skin makeup should add a glow to complexion to prevent makeup to feed into the fine lines around the eyes and with all that that last all day. Although it sounds complicated to you, everything is still possible. With these tips, you will make dry skin smooth, hydrated and excellent foundation for makeup.

1. Always clean your face before going to bed

No matter how your skin is dry, gently cleansing before sleep is very important. Lipstick, bacteria, air pollution, dead cells and creams that you use during the day, causing damage to your skin getting into your pores. Also, use soap. Certain ingredients soap degraded essential fatty acids protect the skin from moisture loss. It’s not necessary to repeat the whole process in the morning, it is enough to wash your face with water when you wake up.

2. The hydration and nutrition

If you have dry skin, you’ve heard innumerable times – there is no product which will help your skin look nice if you did not feed. So, before applying foundation, nourish the skin, we recommend that you use a hydrating base to the skin into a smooth canvas for makeup.

3. Use a company’s products designed for your skin type

This is another thing we always emphasize. All product of beauty that you use should be designed for your skin type, whether it is a means of cleansing or decorative cosmetics. When it comes to makeup, always choose a creamy and fluid products, even when they are shadows in question, in order to achieve a fresh and appealing look.

4. Avoid prolonged powders

If you want your makeup to last all day, it’s logical that you will choose the one with the long-lasting formula, which is not recommended if your skin is dry. Cosmetics, particularly powders, with a long-term formula extra dry face, and is instead better to use the classic powder in combination with the base. If you have dry skin and makeup in layers, all will stand in its place.

5. Regularly exfoliate

In addition to feeding and hydration, you need to gently scrub every year or every other week, remove dead skin cells. Choose to a pile containing chemical or enzymatic remover that fruit or alpha hydroxy acid, instead of coarse granules, remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation also allows you to cosmetics for face and penetrate and nourish it.


6. Avoid irritation

To the irritation of dry skin usually lead mint, eucalyptus, sulfates, and soap. Read the declaration before buying the product.

7. Pat makeup

If your skin is dry, the best way to apply makeup is tapping. By tapping the product will be warm under your fingers but will emphasize wrinkles.

8. Refresh makeup

Check up on your makeup every couple of hours. If you notice that your skin is flaking or dry patches have appeared, revitalize your skin.

9. Face polisher

Add a gentle facial exfoliant into your weekly skin care routine and remember to moisturize daily.


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