Liquid Eyeliner Tips for Perfect Cat Eye

Liquid eyeliner is ostensibly a standout amongst the most troublesome liners to ace, but on the other hand, it’s the best item to make a stylish winged eyeliner look. The inquiry we generally found on my social accounts is “How would you get your feline eye or winged eyeliner so straight? Fortunate for us, I am glad to share some liquid eyeliner tips, and I have also the most elite ideal here for you.

The most important thing with liquid liner is that it must have a long and thin brush. It enables you to attract your line near the lash line for most extreme effect.

How to apply Fluid Eyeliner properly?

Let me discuss some simple step how to use fluid eyeliner on making an exemplary feline eye cosmetics look.
1. Tilt your button up, but look down to uncover your top without shutting it fully.
2. Make the wing on the external corner of your eye. (TIP: If by botch you go too far on your line, wet a cotton swab with Beauty Prep Face Cleanser and eradicate it.)
3. Then, working from the outside side in, utilize little strokes to the line near your lash line. This limits overpay, which makes immense thick lines.
4. The last step is to top it off with mascara or false eyelashes to add drama and balance out your cat eye.

When to Use Liquid Eyeliner?

The basic requirement to use liquid eyeliner is that if you’ve made any mistakes while gluing on false lashes, a cat eye is the perfect cover up to hide any blunders.

Fluid eyeliner is a marvelous item, yet now and again other eyeliner equations that are smarter to utilize. Here are a few recommendations when to pick fluid eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner on the base lash line can be harsh. Rather, get a more glitzy look by smearing eyeshadow.
In the event that you require a sensational night look, use liquid eyeliner.

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