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Aldi Face Serum Lacura Review by Stephanie Lange

Numerous ladies aren’t keen on having cosmetic surgery, however, that doesn’t mean they’re absolutely content with the maturing aging procedure. That’s where the anti-aging skincare comes in. Aldi’s anti-aging skincare costs £220 less than its rival… but is it REALLY a good one?
Aldi’s Lacura skincare Anti-aging Face serum cream was developed in Germany and is properly tested by a certified dermatologist.

There are three types of Lacura serum available:

  • Aqua Complete H20 Multi Intensive Serum – Normal: Suitable for normal skin age 20 to 35. “Skin appears more radiant and youthful.”
  • Renew Q10 Multi Intensive Serum – Anti-Wrinkle: Suitable for age 30 to 45. “Helps smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.”
  • Restorative Soy Multi Intensive Serum – Mature: Suitable for mature skin age 45+. “Smooths skin and helps improve suppleness.”

In 2010 Aldi’s Lacura serum beat it’s more costly opponents by winning best escalated hostile to anti-aging serum in a series of visually impaired tests carried out in the UK. Since then, it has become a well-known product for those needing a quality, modest serum.
Budget supermarket Aldi has once again stepped up with its premium skincare range called Lacura Vitacell, which launches in store in the beginning of this year and now online available today. Now, know the reviews of skin experts which definitely will surprise you.
Stephanie Lange decided to put it to the test, by asking one middle-aged woman to use a £4.99 Lacura Anti Ageing Serum by Aldi on one half of her face while on another side she used the Rodial Snake Serum O2, which costs £130 for 30ml.

STEPHANIE LANGE, 38, from Australia, slathered each lotion on one half of her face every night for six weeks and had her face scanned by a VISIA machine before and after the experiment to assess which one really made the most difference to her wrinkles – and the results left her astounded.
Stephanie, a fashion director and @stephanie blogger from Australia, said: ‘I love trying anything that promises to turn back the clock and as a working mother, I love a does-it-all cream.

‘I was hesitant to use the Aldi one because, with such a cheap price tag, I worried about the ingredients in it but I was up for giving anything a try and know that some supermarkets have rolled out amazing creams in the past.
Speaking after the experiment, she said: ‘The Aldi cream smelt quite perfumed and strong, which I wasn’t too keen on, but went on my skin well and felt moisturizing when I used it every night.
‘I woke up every morning with plump and radiant skin, so I definitely felt like it was working and it left me pleasantly surprised, especially considering it’s under a fiver!
‘Meanwhile, the Rodial cream left a tacky texture on my skin and left my skin feeling tight, almost like I’d used a gel mask on it rather than a moisturizer.

‘Overall, the Aldi one made my skin look more moisturized and my make up went on well after, whereas the Rodial one made my skin feel tight with far less moisture, probably down to the “wrinkle freezing effect”.
The makeup products I used today are all from ALDI, and extremely affordable (all under $20 each).

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