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Hey guys!  I’ve been getting a lot of comments asking what to use in replace of liquid latex, so I came up with some liquid latex substitute that I like and hope you all enjoy also!

Before discussing the substitute I want to define in brief the liquid latex. Liquid latex is a simple way for making dramatic enhancements like skin prosthetics and used to look like phony scars, warts, and burns on the skin. This is especially important for actors while performing scenes on the camera. Here I am talking about the substitute for Liquid Latex.  You can go with Gelatin to make a significant number of similar effects. Used by professional entertainers, as per my research I got that Gelatin is much safe, less expensive and effective option than liquid latex. As I found many questions in discussions that – I want to know what is the best alternative have you used for liquid latex? As many suggested general Elmer’s glue and lavatory tissue. But I don’t know how secured (harmful free) this option is?

Elmer’s glue is the thing that I used to a few months back, but then I got other alternative options that worked on our body soul gum, gelatin (unflavored), and scar wax. The big thing that I want to convey you is that Liquid latex shrinks around 3% when it dries. It is madly used by Horror Films movie makers for artists makeup, blood, and guts movie cosmetics craftsmen and furthermore Halloween fanatics. People enjoy this because of its versatility and simple liability. Latex accompanies its own drawbacks other than allergic reaction is that it is accompanied by a disagreeable scent.

Liquor-based body paint can make similar look like that of liquid latex. It is unlike liquid Latex because it is easy to expel from your skin, while liquid latex requires the hassle of scrubbing.

Elmer’s glue

If you compare Elmer’s glue with liquid latex, it is not durable. However, it’s useful for beginners to master their skills. It can be used for zombies and other similar masks.

White glue

Aside from being non-poisonous, it is easy to use and you don’t have to think much before applying it on open ranges. Drying time is also less if it is light coat. Also, after the scene you simply require plain water and cleanser to clean off without any fuss.

Makeup wax

In order to create fake skin as a prop for a film scene is a part of Halloween costume. There we need to make fake injuries, scars, and scratches for which you not only depend on liquid latex, but there are better substitutes also to use and one of them is Makeup wax. The most favorable advantage of this over liquid latex is that it can be effectively transformed into any shape as per our requirement.

Unflavored Gelatine

Unflavored Getain is a versatile, item that can be reused by just softening it and utilizing it using another parcel to make your look. It is less expensive than liquid Latex and also safe to use it on body skin.

Just Basics Playlist:

Materials (latex alternative):

Liquid non-toxic school glue

Glycerin Materials (wound):

Liquid latex alternative

Cotton balls

Injury stack (Cinema Secrets)

Flesh stack (Cinema Secrets)

Translucent powder (Ben Nye)

Fake blood (Homemade)




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