Liquid Eyeliner Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Perfect Cat-Eye

Hello folks! Today I came with an instructional video on how to get the perfect cat eye using winged eyeliner. This is by far my most requested video. In the video, I’m demonstrating to you a couple of tips and tricks on the most proficient method how to get the perfect cat eye wing. I hope you all will enjoy this video!

Liquid Eyeliner is seemingly a standout amongst the most difficult liners to ace, but at the same time, it’s the best item to make a glitzy winged eyeliner look.Β  My voyage to find the best liner that offers the most profound, the deepest color payoff that endures all the day, and doesn’t irritate the fragile eyelid skin. Also, regardless of the fact that many celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, influence it to look simple, by making the perfect cat eye! At All About Makeup, I am also discussing some tips on liquid Eyeliner and hope you will enjoy and chose whatever is simplest for you.

  1. Figure out what kind of winged eyeliner looks best for your eye type:winged eyeliner looks

  2. Find out what kind of brush works best for the line you’re looking for:Makeup Brush for winged eyeliner

  3. Learn how different styles and lines will make your eyes look:different styles and lines

  4. Don’t squint when applying liquid eyeliner!Applying liquid eyeliner

  5. You can use tape to create a foolproof cat-eye lookFoolproof cat-eye look

  6. To make a small wing, draw a thin line before anything elsesmall wing

  7. Use both Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner for a look that will Stay putPencil and Liquid Eyeliner

  8. Do a Double Cat-Eye with a Shimmery Gold Color for a Super Funny LookPencil and Liquid Eyeliner

Please let me know which of the following above tips did you find the most helpful in your daily routine? Which liquid eyeliner tricks do you like the most? and what type of beauty tips would you like to see in my next blog?

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