How to Make Foundation Look Natural

Hello everyone!! I generally asked how to make foundation look natural. In this video, I’m demonstrating to apply powder foundation and get a natural look. Keep in mind that mineral powders usually give better scope, and that translucent powders won’t generally give you any.

Makeup Foundation can be done one in two ways – if it did accurately, it will give you a smooth, impeccable appearance that looks totally normal and natural as well however if get done in wrong way, then you will look more like a jokester! Foundation is very tricky to get right, so here at All About MakeUp I am going to share you some important tips to find out how to make Foundation look natural

One more important thing is that if you’re alleviating yourself into makeup or simply going to try something innovative, then “Natural Look with Foundation” is appropriate. The best Makeup foundation is to look real like no one suspects you’re wearing anything at all. But any makeup artist will tell you foundation is actually one of the catchiest products to master. So how can you prepare it like a pro? First, choose a liquid formula, which looks more natural than a cream or powder and similar the texture of actual skin.

Prep your skin – Pre-Foundation
Applying foundation on the tight, dry and flaky skin is probably the biggest mistake in makeup process. Use the cleanser to clean your skin before makeup. The cleanser should be alcohol-free, gentle and natural. Though many products on the market offer out of the box results, they are often just hype. Look for cleaners that have simple ingredients that won’t damage your skin.

Manage the Dark Circles
Apply the concealer before foundation that keeps concealer minimum amount. Always try to use exact skin color match concealer that disguises the dark circles. If your dark circles tend to show through your regular concealer, start with a peach-or pink-toned Corrector. Apply anywhere you see dark skin with purple or brown discoloration. Add brightness level to skin that gives natural look.
Cover Oily Skin with Powder Foundation
Before you start, it’s best to determine whether or not you using right foundation color. Don’t be lazy, dab on hand to check the exact skin color match, get proper light and dab few patches on your face to get exact skin color match.

Apply Bronzer
Some experts don’t apply bronzer just after they have applied foundation to their eyes. Bronzer is a great way to give you natural glowing look. Apply lightly brush bronzer all over the face like along your cheekbones that gives a natural appearance.
Apply Blush
If you were not comfortable with bronzer, you can apply blush instead. Bronzer doesn’t look great on pale skin. Most of the women skins use Crème blush because of it gives wet look. Using a champagne-tinted crème blush, rub a little on your palm and blend onto your cheekbones. Keep in mind one thing never utilize both Bronze and Blush.
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