Brilliant Beauty Tips for College Girls

Sometimes the college going girls find it cumbersome to get tuned to the most recent fashion and beauty trends. They keep searching for some tips and tricks that can be afforded with utmost ease and are time saving.
There are some beauty tips for the teenagers and college goers which will be light on their pockets and at the same assist them in being naturally beautiful.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is of rescue for the girls. It may be utilized on the dry lips to make them softened and may be utilized on top of matte lipsticks to provide them a glossy finish. It can be utilized as an eye makeup remover.
In case you are not able to do a shampoo daily and cannot afford a dry shampoo, then there is nothing that should make you disappointed. You may utilize baby powder to get rid of excel oil. Baby powder is meant for the babies and has got less chemicals that can prove to be harmful to your hair.

You may utilize the blush on your eyelids. It works nicely as an eye shadow. Your blush can serve two in one purpose.
In case you several lipsticks are not affordable to you, then you can make utilize your tinted lip balms making use of the eye shadows which you cannot utilize and blend them in plain lip balm or Vaseline. You have to blend with Vaseline and it will provide you a glossy lip color.

You may utilize some lip color on your eye lids for the creamy shadow effect. You may utilize a multipurpose eye pencil that may be used as a kajal and also an eyeliner. You can utilize that pencil and smudge your fingers for a nice impact.

You have to choose the home remedies for skin care as skin can be affected by acne at a young age. You may utilize honey and oatmeal mask to get clear acne free skin.

You can utilize natural exfoliators and face packs which are available with utmost ease in your kitchens.
You can use affordable toners such as rose water and cucumber water.
You can blend the various lip colors in order to form a new shade.
You do not have to spend on cream eye shadows. You may utilize a wet brush on your power shadow to provide a creamy appearance.

In case you have stained nails from making use of dark colored nail polish, then rub them with lemon halves to eradicate the stains. You may utilize base coat prior to applying dark polishes.
In order to alter your appearance, you can try a varied side parting or get some flicks.
You can tame any flyways by making use of a moisturizer and run your fingers through flyaway hair.
The most essential suggestion is to drink a great deal of water to be hydrated and keep your skin young.
You have to spend on nice quality items. One can compromise on quantity but not on the quality.
Every college girl needs to have the beauty essentials in her makeup kit. We know that it is a big task to visit the college appearing perfect and then through the day you have to appear like a weird person. Your makeup is not going to be there for the whole day in the heat. It is sure to melt down.

The regular touch-ups are the finest and we say that it is the only means you can have a fresh appearance all through the day. In order to have a perfect complexion you need to have a light weight BB cream in your kit. You are not required to have a blush and lipstick. You have to pop the tint in your makeup kit and whenever you feel washed out, you have to apply it on your cheeks and dab some of it on your lips for a fresh appearance.

Your t-zone has tendency to get oily all through the day and you cannot wash your face and reapply makeup. You have to keep the blotting papers to dab when you feel your face is generating some sebum than required.
You do not want to appear tired. You have to opt for a water resistant and smudge proof one so that you do not appear like a racoon.

Mascara: In case you like mascara, you have to opt for one that is resistant to water and not heavy on the lashes.
You have to appear natural and not made up. Some of us like the eyeliner more than the kohl. In case you are one of those then ensure you pack a small sketch liner which is simple to apply. A light weight sunscreen will keep the skin hydrated and not clog the pores. You have to choose that one that consists of salicylic acid and helps in prevention of pimples and blackheads.

You do not have time to reapply your base. You have to take out that compact and put away the excessive oil. The finest aspect is that you can do it when you are sitting in your class. The compact powder boxes have a mirror and you need not visit the ladies room each time you want to do the touch up. You have to roll a spray deo or a roll in. It is quite usual to sweat a great deal when attending the lectures and when you spend time in the college. You have to keep out the nasty odor at bay.

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