Jeffrey Star Cosmetics

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You probably believe that Jeffree Star would let the holidays go by without starting out with an epic launch. This is the season for new makeup from your best beauty brand.

Star mentions that this is the last real collection where we are doing with the limited edition packaging. It is regarding placing more and more products for the holiday. People get inspiration to have fun and excitement with the makeup. He further mentions to not take them in a serious way and have fun with this collection.

I just want to do the packaging that brands have not done before as stated by Star to I need the component that the lipsticks, lip ammo and the lip scrubs would be in to have the complete glitter packaging. Mariah Carey and MAC collection were the only people to pull it off. It all regarding doing something varied and the art of that so after some month we made it perfect and it is a fun project.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks
Star mentions that he feels like he has placed every colour under the sun ranging from a nice metallic gold to a nice teal known as Mermaid Blood. There are some colours that I do not think people will anticipate.

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition
Star mentions that he is bringing the Redrum Liquid lip which is the best shade ever made in the lab into the lip ammo formula and there are three other shades of Gargoyle, Champagne tears and Allegedly.

Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrubs
Star states that his lip scrubs are an underdog of the brand people like and they sell like crack. I have the best lip scrub requests to Redbull flavoured lip scrubs so I want to listen to all.

Jeffree Star Skin Frost Pro Palettes
Star mentions that the highlighter Pro Palettes are another new item. The nice aspect regarding the Platinum Ice Palate is that you get two shades that have been released before and then you get four new shades. The main idea behind these was taking your best shades and placing them into the travel-friendly packaging. The 24 karat is for the ones who like gold with shades of light to dark skin tones. The Platinum Ice is meant for people who wish to experiment and wear strange shades.

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