How to Get Pink Lips with Makeup

Prior to getting the pink lips, it will be better in case you are aware how your lips became dark. Exposure
to the sun, smoking, long duration use of lipsticks and several other reasons are responsible to cause
black lips.

Secondly, you may utilize a nice home remedy that can assist you in getting pink lips. The natural
ingredients are quite strong to take immense care of the lips without causing any bad effect. In order to
make the lips healthy, there are some home remedies and you have to opt for the finest one.
Thirdly, makeup is a nice means to turn your lips beautiful and rosy but this is an artificial means.

There are three awesome tips about how to get pink lips in a short duration of time at home. Following
are the three ways:
There are three steps which consist of an everyday home routine for the lips and there are effective
home remedies and the art of maekup in order to have reddish and full lips.
Your everyday lip care routine has some of the DOs and DONTs and exfoliating and also moisturizes
your lips.

Stop Smoking: Smoking makes your skin appear dark and leaves cigarette stains. In order to get pink
lips, you have to leave smoking. It will improve the beauty of your lips. In case you cannot leave
smoking, you may go through Allen Carr’s Easy way to stop smoking. this book will make you leave
smoking in a short duration of time.

You need to protect your lips from sunburn
Sunburn makes your lips dry, discolored and black. You need to utilize sunscreen for the lips when the
sun is there. You need to stay less time getting exposed to the sun. You may utilize an umbrella when
you are exposed to the sun. You may utilize a lip balm with SPF. You may utilize almond oil to remove
the makeups in a natural manner.

Stop licking your lips: Whenever you feel dry, you can lick your lips. The finest alternative is keeping a
small lip balm always that you may utilize when you feel the lips drying.

Keep your lips hydrated: You may utilize a lip balm everyday to keep your lips soft and smooth. In case it
is winter, coat your lips with a lip balm in a frequent manner. You need to keep the lip balm in your
pocket whenever your lips get dry. You have to dab a touch of your best lip balm. You need to try to
utilize the balm which is made with the natural ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil,
beeswax etc. You have to apply lip balm prior to going to bed at night.

Some of the nice lip balms are:
It is highly recommended that you have 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. You may have watery fruits
such as cucumber, melon, pineapples etc. To have fresh vegetables will keep your skin fine and
Exfoliating your lips: Exfoliation is a great means to get the pink lips. You need to get pink lipls and rub
your toothbrush softly onto your lips. It removes the dry or dead skin and your lips appear bright. For the
first time, you can feel some amount of discomfort with this process. It will be good when you exfoliate
your lips everyday with a toothbrush.

The homemade scrub helps in exfoliating your lips also. The blend of honey and brown sugar is the
finest exfoliator for getting rid of the darkness, dry or dead cells of the lips. You make have some brown
sugar, honey and coconut oil and blend them nicely. You then have to rub your lips in a gentle manner
for one minute. Doing this two times in a week is nice.

You have to moisturize your lips: In order to get soft and pink lips, you need to moisturize your lips in a
regular manner. You may utilize your best lip balm. At night, you may utilize petroleum jelly. You may
utilize the home moisturizers such as olive oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter. Moisturizing makes your lips

Finest home remedies to get pink lips
The question arises as to how to get pink lips. The finest answer to this question is that there are some

home remedies. There are some natural ingredients and these are amazing to make the lips fuller,
healthy and moisturized to eradicate darkness and leave a natural pinkish tint on your lips.
You may utilize a raspberry mask: Raspberry is the finest home remedy to make the lips pink and this
hydrates the lips to a great extent. You can crush two fresh raspberries and blend it with one teaspoon
Aloe Vera and one teaspoon honey. You need to prepare a lip mask. You have to then coat your lips
with this mask and make it stay for four minutes. You have to wash off your lips with clean water. Do not
forget to apply a nice lip balm.

You need to apply pomegranate juice: The pomegranate juice is highly effective and red for skin care.
You may apply pomegranate juice on your lips and make it stay all through the night. Your lips can
absorb the red juice throughout the night. At morning, you will observe reddish and rosy fuller lips. It is a
great treatment for the dark lips to make them turn pink. If you continue this remedy, you will get pink

Making use of beetroot: You can coat your dark lips red or cherry pink with beetroot juice. It makes your
discolored lips bright faster and reddish. You need to apply beetroot juice on the lips over the night. You
need to do it on an everyday basis and observe reddish lips everyday.
You need to apply rose petals: You have to take out some petals from a rose and crush them nicely. You
can follow this pinkish remedy everyday two times. It can make your lips turn pink.
Making use of turmeric and milk: The blend of milk and turmeric is very effective in order to get pink lipls.
You have to blend some cold milk with some turmeric and make a paste. You need to then massage
your lips for just four minutes. This will remove the dark tones or shades of your skin. When you do this
everyday, you will get softer and healthy lips.
Using honey: Honey is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory home remedy to get pink lips. Honey gives natural
moisture to the lips and skin. Honey fades off dark spots, dark patches, wrinkles, sunburns, tan,
hyper pigmentation, aging lines etc from lips.

Making use of honey can lessen the dead skin cells on the lips. This is the reason your lips will appear
bright and pinkish. You may place some fresh honey onto your lips and rub it in a soft manner with your
fingertips for two minutes. You need to let honey sit on the lips for a full night. You may then rinse off the
lips in the morning time and apply a lip balm. You may do it 3 times in a week prior to sleeping.
Making use of lemon juice: Utilizing lemon juice can make the skin dry. You need to utilize it in a careful
manner and you do not have to worry. After you use lemon juice, you may utilize a lip balm and then
there will be no issue. Lemon juice has skin bleaching natural properties which will eliminate dark spots
on the lips. Lemon juice lessens the sun tan, spots, fine lines, dead skin cells, etc from the lips. You will
indeed get rosier lips fast.

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