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Want to learn the tips, tricks, and special, magnetizing ways of putting on MAGNETIC LASHES LIKE A PRO…then watch this video
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Magnetic Eyelashes seem to be literally everywhere. I was driving down the street in Hollywood a couple days ago and saw a billboard for magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic lashes are a little tricky to apply, but after playing around with them and wearing them the last few months, figuring out the best ways to apply the lashes and talking with the creators on One Two Cosmetics lashes that gave me some extra tips – I present HOW TO APPLY MAGNETIC EYELASHES LIKE A PRO! Proooooo! Proooooooooooooo!

I personally like the BOLD style from One Two Cosmetics the most. They are the easiest for me to put on and they are just the style lash (demi wispie) that I love. It’s not a full strip lash, it’s just like an “outter corner” lash strip!

DISCLAIMER: This video is totally sponsored by One Two Cosmetics, who sent me every pair of lash they make, incuding the lash applicator. However, just organically, naturally, all on my own, without ever knowing who they were, I ordered them and bought a pair of the BOLD lashes myself, along with many other TERRIBLE false lashes, to make a video TESTING & TRYING OUT MAGNETIC lashes. I wanted to test them out to tell you all what I thought…and the others were literally a joke and the only ones I liked were the One Two Cosmetics lashes.