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Hey Friends! Christmas is almost less than a week away! Endowments, makeup and beauty items are the only things you are thinking at this moment right? To make a glam holiday look you must put in your make up case a HIGHLIGHTER. However, about myself I’m spending Xmas holidays far away from my base so I have pack only the excellence beauty items I need! So, for my GLAM HOLIDAY LOOK I will require some fab items for cheeks, lips and eyes, right young ladies? Guys, I must say here that I have published all my other makeup articles regarding makeup at All About Makeup.

From teens to occupied mothers – Here in this video I am going to share 5 basic and simple steps to apply cosmetics for top class makeup and it shouldn’t take you all the more than 5 mins. This is a fast and easy to apply 5 minute makeup trick that is must for every young lady.

Stage 1: Foundation: Apply the foundation to your skin using a dampened non-latex sponge equally that gives natural finish.

Stage 2: Eyebrows: Shaping your eyebrows makes a gigantic effect! To me this is one of the most important steps that’s why I put it second! Also, apply concealer in the shape of a swoosh under your eyes. L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Concealer is perfect for this in my view.

Stage 3: Lashes: When you’re endeavoring to get ready quick, then you should simply accentuate the upper lashline. Do not try to concentrate mascara on the lower lashes, simply coat your upper lashes with Maybelline New York Volume. Swipe little powder blush onto the apples of your cheeks, and blend the hue out toward your temples for extra natural flush

Stage 4: Lips

Finish off your look by swiping a light or strong lip stick or shine—since a brilliant shade won’t contend with your quietly lined eyes—over your frown.

Stage 5: Cheeks

Actually I don’t like a great deal of blush but it can finish a look so pat on a little lipstick and mix with clean fingertips. For cheeks, I used “chubby stick”. This pencil-like frame is easy to use and while the cream equation will include the ideal measure of natural color.

I’ve had a lot of requests in the past few weeks for this video and I can understand why! Who doesn’t want to nail their make-up in 5 minutes in the morning.

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