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Hey guys!! Today I wanted to tell you about my HUGE eyelash collab with Eyelure and how to make eyelashes look real! I like a natural look, but I also like to have a more dark look for a night time makeup look or evening makeup look. I think making fake lashes look good is the best way to wear fake lashes, so this eye tutorial is for all those out there who struggle with what to wear on their eyelashes to keep it pretty and simple.

Natural eyelashes are ideal for upgrading your eyes for an attractive look. However, many times we require man-made lashes which gives look natural in daily life. ย These days false lashes are not limited to theaters or marriage photograph shoots just, rather; individuals are making them a piece of their regular routine to look attractive. One important thing is that – Not a single type of falsies is not suitable for all exposures and therefore type of falsies also changes as per your work and personality.

Ardellโ€™s natural lashes are the most famous and ideal eyelashes as they give the coveted, regular look of full, wonderful lashes. These are all time twisted, waterproof, agreeable to wear and reusable.

In the long run these falsies developed into a big business with the immense choice of natural looking lashes including some that look extremely common. No a days, we have observed a trend that is False eyelashes which is a rage as they add fun and flair to any makeup appearance. The only issue is that they may be tricky to apply. You have to provide false lashes with a go and adhere to some easy steps to natural appearing looks.

Following are some Natural-Looking False Lashes that you consider

Individual Lashes

Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Lashes

ย ย ย  Tanya Burr Date Night Lashes

ย ย ย ย  Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes

ย ย ย  Eylure Individuals Lashes – Duos & Trios

Strip Lashes

ย ย ย ย  Mac Cosmetics 35 Lash

ย ย ย  Velour Lashes Bare Naked


Step by step instructions to Use

Make your eyelashes and eyelids make-up and oil free.

1 – Check Shape Your Eyes: It is very important to consider the shape of your eyes before selecting fake eyelashes for them. So determine your eyes shape first and then go further.

2 – Apply Adhesive: Set a thin line of lash grip adhesive along the lash band and spread it equitably with any needle type object. Let the glue to set for 1 min.

3 – Apply Lash: Place the lash which is close your common lash line as could be expected under the circumstances. Gently press the band with fingers to secure set up.

The strip lashes are difficult to apply and appear too fake on your eyes. You need to try out single or trio lashes. Single lashes take some time to get used to as they are quite small and can twist out of place when the glue is wet. Trio lashes are the simplest to work with as they lay flat against your real lashes. You need to dip the trios into your best lash adhesive and press them along your natural lash line after you have applied mascara.

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