Common Makeup Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

The wedding day is considered to be the best day of a woman’s life. All eyes are set on the bride walking down the aisle. Not only the eyes but the cameras also want to capture your best glimpse. If anything that goes into a bride’s mind, at that particular moment, is ‘how am I looking?’

You don’t want to disappoint the onlookers. You want them to murmur sweeet whispers about how beautiful you look. Besides, you want all the photographs to be perfect and shimmering. Above all, you want your man to raise his eyebrows when you walk down the aisle. Undoubtedly, every woman is beautiful. What makes them more beautiful is the makeup. At the same time, over or bad makeup can ruin the most important day of you life, making you look awkward or unattractive. Of course, no woman should go through such trauma or clumsiness. Which is why we have piled up a list of common makeup mistakes done by brides on their wedding. Avoiding them will ensure you look flawless and tip-top on the most important day of your life. Just like you imagined a night before wedding!

Experiments–A Complete No!

Trying out new things isn’t an idea you should experiment on the wedding day. It is the time to keep yourself natural and comfortable so you look defined and finished. Most of the brides get too caught up with the idea of looking extra elegant on their special day, and ends up doing too much. The person at the other end of the aisle wants to see the You, so you need to be only you–probably better.

Not Using Waterproof Mascara

Another one of the common makeup mistakes is not using mascara. Even if you are not a cry-type, or you can manage to keep your tears at bay, you never know when that emotional moment might come up and you start shedding tears, letting your makeup sway. Why not avoid such moments! Keep yourself prepared with waterproof mascara for announced situations.

Getting mesmerized with beauty trends

Thanks to Kim Kardashian for bringing contouring, often making women jealous by the heavy manipulation of makeup. However, this shouldn’t bother you because nothing better than natural lighting can accentuate your natural beauty. Even experts like Sam Russell and Kashuk recommend going natural and keeping yourself light and fresh.

Using Shimmer Inappropriately

Sparkles and glitter reflect backlight towards the camera. While adding a little shimmer on cheeks make you look dewy and fresh, applying it on nose or forehead can make your skin look greasy. Adding sheer gold shimmer on cupid’s bow of the lips or along the top of the cheekbones, or right under the brows can lit up the complete look of a bride. Try this trick if you are looking forward to using shimmer.

Not Allowing The Makeup To Set

Makeup shines at its best when it is dried, and it is only done when you have given enough time to allow the used material soak up. Not allowing makeup to dry is one of the most common makeup mistakes done by brides. As soon as you apply makeup, give it time to dry. If time becomes an issue, use a hair-dryer. Also, it is important if you let each step dry right before applying the next one.

Ignorance Of Prepping Your Skin For The Big Day

At times, brides and bridesmaid show up with skin that isn’t properly moisturized or exfoliated, resulting in dry and flaky skin. Understand the importance of prepping your skin a day before the wedding. Not only it makes easier for artists to apply makeup but also ensures your skin gets the best it can get. Even if you tend to grow a pimple on per-wedding day, leave it alone. Covering a pimple is way easier than covering a scab!


In addition to the above list of several makeup mistakes, it is better if you don’t change your skin-care regiment, wax, or get a spray tan right before the wedding day. It is the most special day of your life. Looking perfect is all about makeup, and is absolutely necessary for you. Though you would want to try everything that tempts you, we will still advice avoiding the points above so you look completely jaw-dropping.

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