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My piercer :

Ear piercing vlogs:

All jewelry from Matt’s shop that I got pierced with:
Right Ear — Gold snake is from BodyGems (helix piercing)
Nanda Heart is from BVLA (helix piercing)
Rose Gold Heart (third lobe piercing)

Left Ear:
Sweet Leaf is from BodyGems (helix piercing)
Triple Trinity with White Opals is from Leroifinejewlery (conch)
Diamond Bar (helix piercing)
Rose Gold Heart (third lobe piercing)

2nd lobe diamond studs: Gold & Diamond Source
1st lobe piercing gold huggies: Jennifer Fisher

*The ear cuff you see at 7:34 is from Adornmonde — no piercing needed 👍🏻

Matt’s prices when I got pierced: $40 per piercing + price of jewelry

Nelimed Piercing Aftercare solution:
(non affiliated link)

Places I get earrings from:
1. Vanessa Mooney
2. Baublebar
3. Jennifer Fisher
4. Baublebar
5. Adornmonde
6. Stone and Strand
7. The Last Line LA
8. Fraiser Jewelry
9. Maria Tash
10. HRH Collection

Most recent vlog:

Why you shouldn’t get pierced with a gun:
Piercing guns use stud earrings of a standard length. People with thick earlobes may find that their new earrings are tight when lobes swell after piercing. They will have little to no post length to use for expansion to relieve the pressure.

A professional body piercer has access to many styles of initial jewelry that won’t inhibit comfort or the healing process.

Piercing Guns Cause Blunt Force Trauma to Earlobes
Most guns force blunt-ended studs through the tissue of your ears, a painful process that can cause damage. The shock isn’t typically a huge issue for the lobes, but why risk it? A piercing professional will pierce you with razor-sharp hollow needles that pierce through areas quickly without damaging the surrounding tissue. This process is usually less painful than using a piercing gun.

Piercing guns should never be used to pierce any area of the body except an earlobe. Do not use them on the harder cartilage of the ear. Ear cartilage can be shattered by guns. Many states have enacted laws to prevent inappropriate use of piercing guns, but be alert: if you opt for a gun piercing, and the operator says it’s okay to pierce other areas, run out the door.

Full article here:

I just googled home remedies for keloids and that’s how I came across Tea Tree Oil. I’m using the Briogeo one but any kind will do. It took about 2 almost 3 weeks for it to go down fully and I’m still applying the tea tree oil to it every other day now.

Makeup tutorial on almost this same look here:

*Difference is the lipstick shade, here I’m wearing Chestnut lip liner from Mac + Maybelline 535 Matte Lipstick + Girlactik Sheer Bone Gloss

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